Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons in Taylors Lakes

Passing the current Vic Roads test is no walk in the park. Since 2008, it has become a lot more involved, and there are 2 stages to pass. In total, it’s nearly a 40 minute test! With this being the case, learners really need to have plenty of experience under their belt. For competent, confident drivers, the test shouldn’t present any issues – it’s all about ensuring you are 100% prepared.

Driving lessons of the highest quality from qualified instructors

Professional lessons are a very effective way to make sure you are equipped with the skills necessary to pass. Here at Learner 2 Licence, we serve learners in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne – and we therefore offer driving lessons in Taylors Lakes and surrounds. For those in Taylors Lakes, drive tests can be taken nearby at either the Melton or Sunshine Vic Roads.

Our instructors will take you through everything you will need to know to pass, ensuring your understanding and competence at every point. We are patient and calm, helping to alleviate nerves and anxiousness, creating safe and confident drivers.

We’re an accredited Keys 2 Drive school, and our instructors are fully qualified – allowing us to deliver high quality tuition. We understand the drive test inside and out, and teach you the skills you require – whilst ensuring you avoid common pitfalls.

Get in touch and become the best driver you can be

Whether you’re almost ready to take the test, or are just starting out, we can cater to your skill level. Book a lesson with Learner 2 Licence today! You can also call us on 0451 655 256 and speak with our helpful and friendly staff. We will be happy to devise a lesson plan to suit your skill level and experience, ensuring you have the best shot at passing your test first time.