I was a very nervous driver, and I thought I’d really struggle to pass my Vic Roads test. After eight lessons with Learner 2 Licence, I was ready to take my test – and I passed!

Jessica Johnson

Driving was never my strong point. Okay, I was a pretty bad learner driver. Learner 2 Licence really turned this around – their instructors are wonderful! I’m now a licensed driver!

Ben Heinan

Driving with my parents was stressful as they didn’t really know how to convey information – I think they were even more stressed than I was. Taking professional lessons was the best thing I ever did. Learner 2 Licence helped me pass my test with flying colours!

Jack White

My driving skills weren’t bad, but they did need some polishing – I had a lot of bad habits that probably would have led to me failing my test. Learner 2 Licence pointed out where I was going wrong, ensuring I passed.

Gwen Smith

I got behind the wheel for the first time with Learner 2 Licence. They were so patient, and I found their instructions really easy to grasp. Over the course of ten lesson, they taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test, and more!

Lauren Brown

Thanks to Learner 2 Licence, I had no trouble passing my test. Their instructors are patient and very helpful – and their prices are the best going around!

Jason Hardlaw