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Automatic & Manual Driving Lessons in Melbourne

Learning to drive can be daunting. When it comes to getting behind the wheel for the first time, it’s perfectly normal to feel both excited and nervous. Here at Learner 2 Licence, we understand. We’re able to assist both complete beginners, as well as those who already have some experience. When it comes to driving lessons, many people worry about the cost. At Learner 2 Licence, our lessons are very affordable. In fact, we believe that our lessons are some of the cheapest in Melbourne!

Skilled Instructors Ready to Help

If you are looking for cheap driving schools in Melbourne, Learner 2 Licence is for you. What we provide are experienced, skilled and accredited driving instructors who are ready to prepare you for your test and time spent out on the roads. At Learner 2 Licence, we take pride in providing you with cheap driving lessons that fulfill your needs, whilst teaching you everything that you need to know in order to pass your Vic Roads test. We take into consideration your specialized needs and adjust to your schedule and time frame. Learner 2 Licence services all of the Western and Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, so we can cater to your needs no matter where you live. Best of all, you get the benefit of the cheapest driving instructors, as we can offer competitive rates with each 45 minute lesson costing only $39.00!

How to Train You?

Catering to all Learner Drivers

At Learner 2 Licence, we cater to learner drivers of all levels, from complete beginners through to those who are just about ready to sit their test. Our instructors are very patient, and can take you through all of the basics – from starting the car through to reversing – as well as assist you in honing more advanced skills such as parallel parking and hook turns.

Other skills we can assist you with include:

  • Entering and exiting roundabouts
  • U turns
  • Parking (both angle and parallel)
  • Understand and obeying signs
  • Three point turns
  • Understanding tram rules
  • Changing lanes

The areas we services are: